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IB Key Information

The following documents are some of the key sources of information for your studies in the IB courses. Included are key information for you and your parents about the IB and more in-depth information about the key requirements of the curriculum. Teachers will post more specific information relevant to their courses on their Moodle pages and also on Managebac as SSIS transitions much of the IB coursework over to that platform.

General Regulations IB Diploma Programme (PDF)

This document describes the regulations that apply to those schools that have been authorized as IB World Schools to offer the DP and is intended for schools, candidates, and their legal guardians.

When used herein the term “legal guardians” encompasses parents and individuals with legal guardianship of any candidate enrolled in the DP. If a candidate is of legal age, the school’s duties towards legal guardians specified herein also apply towards the candidate.

IB and how it is viewed by universities

Useful information for both students and parents about the IB and how and IB education is viewed by universities as well as information on alignment with the US Common Core

Common Core Ela En (PDF)

Common Core Math En (PDF)

DP 10 Reasons (PDF)

Dp Programme Brochure En (PDF)

How To Make Your IB Credentials Stand Out In The University Application Process (PDF)

IB And The Common Core State Standards (PDF)

Inclusive Education En (PDF)

Uni Admissions Officer Report (PDF)

What Universities Look For 2016 (PNG)

How is IB Viewed by University Admissions


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