Information Update

Use this page to update information about your child

Login to PowerSchool Parent Portal


Click on the Update Information button in the left column.

3.  Update incorrect information

4.  Click the Submit button


Information Update Tab

1. Home Address - the residential address where the student lives.

2. Home Phone number - the home phone number of the student.

3. Passport and Visa - To update passport and visa information, please send a photocopy of the passport information page and visa page to the admission office.


Contacts Tab

Please provide at least three contacts, two family members or significant others, and an emergency contact should the other members be unreachable.

1. To change the contact details, click on the name of the contact then update the information and click submit.  

2. To add a new contact, click on Add new contact. Fill in appropriate details.


Health Tab

Update information regarding insurance, health, and immunizations.


PS Notification Tab

PowerSchool Notifications offers parents the opportunity to have daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly emails sent to their email accounts. For information on PowerSchool notifications click here


Email Notification Tab

Saigon South International School uses the SwiftK12 notification system.  To guarantee the notification system is used efficiently, you will need to confirm your contact information and keep it up-to-date at all times.
For more information on email notifications click here

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