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The International Baccalaureate Organization was founded in Switzerland in 1968 for the purposes of creating an internationally recognized university admission qualification. There are four sections of the IBO (PYP for elementary school, MYP for middle school, and the Diploma Programme & Career-Related Programme for high school) with SSIS offering the Diploma Programme for Grade 11 and Grade 12 students. SSIS allows students to choose either the full-IB Programme or be an IB Courses students taking at least one IB course. 


The offical blog of the IBO is a way to provide information for students and parents on issues ranging from the 50th anniversary of the IBO to college admissions to cognitive research to teacher pedagogy. If you have specific questions about the IB Diploma Programme, or the IBO in general, please contact the IB Diploma Programme Coordinator at ibdp_coordinator at ssis.edu.vn.   


IB Terms Explained


This site is for students and parents to become better acquianted with the meanings and terms used in the IB Diploma Programme. Parents are just as important to supporting the learning process as is the school. This partnership connects with the student to form a triangle where all parties connect and support each other. 

The Diploma Programme Core is comprised of three components that must be successfully completed to obtain the IB Diploma. In addition to the DP Core, students will take six courses that are interconnected with a focus on wholistic learning. If you have further questions about the IB Diploma Programme, please feel free to contact the IB Diploma Programme Coordinator at ibdp_coordinator at ssis.edu.vn

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