Help Desk

To submit a new help desk issue, please go to https://helpdesk.ssis.edu.vn/

Step 1

Click on the associated project corresponding to the work request

Step 2

Fill out all the required field marked with the asterisk *.  

* Tracker--Support

* Subject--A meaningful title is important to assist the managers in quickly decipher the request and better organizing the work request

Description--Provide a detailed description; do not assume that the managers have any background knowledge about this event or request

* Status--New

* Priority--Set an appropriate priority level based on the urgency of the matter, the default is normal

* Location--Describe where the work request is to be performed

* Due date--When should this task be expected to complete, not necessarily the same day as the event date

Watchers--If you want someone to follow your ticket, you can add the user as a watcher.  This is similar to the subscribe features that you see on forums, wiki, or news outlets to where you will be notified of any activities of changes to the issues.  Since you opened the issue, you automatically receive notification of changes unless you opted out by your email notification preferences.

Step 3

Click on CREATE

Click on CREATE AND CONTINUE ONLY if you need to open another ticket within the same project


If you want to ensure that the ticket has been successfully created, please go https://helpdesk.ssis.edu.vn/redmine/issues

Email Notification

By default, you are will receive any issues that you are watching or having any involvement.  It’s your responsibility to choose an option that meets your need.  Go to the second icon in the top right corner with the person and a cog then choose your email notification preference.

Email Correspondent

You have the option to go directly to Redmine and edit the issues; however, some users prefer the email method.  When you reply to the issue, you will notice that it writes to helpdesk at ssis.edu.vn.  Redmine will read the email and intelligently deciminate the notifications accordingly based on the users’ preference.

Project Managers

Here is a general article to help project managers understand the capabilities of Redmine.  Redmine for Project Managers

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