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International medical facilities in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City):
Centre Medical International
1 Han Thuyen D1
t: (08) 3827 2366, 3827 2367
Family Medical Practice HCMC (in the Diamond Plaza)

34 Le Duan Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: +84 8 3822 7848;+84 8 3822 7848
Fax: +84 8 3822 7859
Email: hcmc@vietnammedicalpractice.com
web: http://www.vietnammedicalpractice.com/

Franco-Vietnamese Hospital (FV Hospital)

6 Nguyen Luong Bang St., Saigon South (Phu My Hung), Dist. 7, HCMC
Tel: (08) 54 11 33 33;Fax: (08) 54 11 33 34
Email: information@fvhospital.com
web: https://www.fvhospital.com/

Franco-Vietnamese Hospital FV Sai Gon Clinic

2nd Floor, Citilight Tower, 45 Vo Thi Sau St., Dist. 1, HCMC
Tel: (08) 62 90 61 67
Fax: (08) 62 90 61 68
Email saigonclinic@fvhospital.com

International SOS Vietnam, Ltd.

167A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St, D3, Ho Chi Minh City, S.R. Vietnam
Tel: +84 83 829 8424
Fax+84 83 829 8424
Web: http://www.internationalsos.com/en/about-our-clinics_vietnam_3536.htm



HCMC is relatively safe. Pick-pocketing, snatch and grabs, and petty thefts are the most frequent types of crime reported . Violent crimes remain rare especially for the expatriate community. Due to the economic down turn HCMC has seen an increase in crimes in recent months.

One common method of purse snatching used throughout Vietnam employs two people on a motorcycle with the passenger snatching the victim’s bag, camera, cellular phone, etc., often while traveling at the same speed or faster than street traffic. This method can be especially dangerous to victims if the straps of the bag are over the shoulder or around the neck, as the victim can be pulled down or dragged by the strap until it breaks.



  • Be Vigilant/ Exude confidence- be aware of your surroundings. Walk like you know where you are going
  • Guard Your Money-  Keep your wallet in your front pocket
  • Lose the valuables– Leave your jewelry at home.  At night do not wear necklaces.
  • Hold on- Always keep your bag on your lap or on the ground with a strap wrapped around your leg.


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