ES ASA Registration Procedures

REGISTRATION will take place online for 4 days ONLY

Phase 1 - Request Phase: You are requesting activities for your child. Please note that in this phase you only can request the activities you want and there is no guarantee that you will get what you request. This phase will happen on the first 2 days of registration week.

Phase 2 - Live Phase: This phase happens AFTER the system allocate the activities to students base on the requests made by parents. In this phase, you can make changes as you need as well as adding & deleting the choices for your child. This phase will happen during the last 2 days of registration week and on “first come first serve basis”


  Phase 1:  Request Phase


To access the system, go to the SSIS Events Web Site: http://events.ssis.edu.vn Select the ASA event from the list.



If you are behind a firewall you may need to type the link into your web browser’s address bars. 

     1. Log in using your PowerSchool Account

     2. Use the drop down menu to select the activity for each priority. Priority 1 being most desired.

               (*) To change a selected activity, click the change button.

               (*) When you click to choose any activities, your selection will be automatically received by the system.


Parents can select up to 3 or 4 possible choices.

Students are then placed in activities according to their choices, trying to ensure every student gets at least one confirmed activity.

* You may view your child’s confirmed activities by logging in ASA system ( http://events.ssis.edu.vn ) after the first phase is closed. At that time, Phase 2 (Live Phase) will open and you may make changes to your registration.


Phase 2: Live Phase

    You can directly enroll your children in activities that still have available space if you are not satisfied with the chosen activities in Request   Phase.

 1. Click “Delete” button to cancel the chosen activity.

 2. Click “Choose” button to choose the new available activity.



Extra Phase: View Only, no change

The ASA website will be open for parents to view available choices in 2 weeks after the registration ends

Please note that children are not actually enrolled in the activity unless you have received final confirmation email.

* All ASA payment for paid activities should be delivered to Ms. Vy in the Business Office.

* ASA payment & ASA Bus registration should be submitted within 3 days after

For assistance, please contact Ms. Sang Lam via phone at (08) 54130901 Ext: 11142 or via email at  annguyen@ssis.edu.vn

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