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For those new to the school, After School Activities Program, ASA, offers a wide variety of after school activities for students from grades one through five. Teachers, parents, and community members join in to promote a fun social setting for our students to meet others and try things that may be new experiences. Some activities are offered without any costs, while others may have a slight cost to cover special resources. There are also professionals in the community who offer special “paid” activities such as Taekwondo, Ballet…etc. Children have an enjoyable time playing with new friends, teachers, parents, and others.


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This year 2016-17, there are three ASA sessions offered. The first is offered August 29 to November 10 , the second is November 21 to March 2 and the third is March 20 to June 1. Activities will occur on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 3:15pm - 4:00pm. Parents must make arrangements to pick up students at 4:00 P.M if that is not a SSIS bus kid.

Online registration will take place two weeks prior to the start of activities. Payments should be made to Ms. Vy in the Business Office before the first day of the activity.

Click here to register for After School Activities

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