Dos and Don’ts of Personal Social Media Usage

When using personal social media you should ensure you

  • Do safeguard your social media accounts with the highest security settings available to minimize the risk of unauthorized third-party access

  • Do take into account your digital footprint, as it is not erasable - what you do today may impact on you tomorrow

  • Do respect the privacy of fellow employee members, students, and parents

  • Do remember that your comments can easily be reported or passed on by other people, even when you believe that your comments might be protected by privacy or closed-group settings

  • Do make it clear that any views you express are your own and not those of your employer if commenting on any matters related to your employer, or your work in general, which can be linked back to your employer.


When using personal social media you should ensure you

  • Don’t communicate with students through personal social media accounts

  • Don’t post negative comments with respect to students, parents, fellow staff members, or the administration

  • Don’t post material that is obscene, defamatory, threatening, discriminatory or hateful

  • Don’t disclose any information you have gained through your employment that is confidential

  • Don’t use the school’s logos, trademarks or other intellectual property

  • Don’t make comments on behalf of the school

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