Emergency management planning app


  1. Alerts - During emergencies, audible alerts and text messages are sent to everyone that has the CrisisGo app.
  2. Notice - Notice are uesd to communicate with a select group of people. Send images, video, or voice to keep groups informed during a crisis.
  3. Checklist - Quick access to emergiency checklist to review the action steps required.
  4. Roster - Access your student roster updated every 24 hours. 
  5. Contacts - Access contacts inforamtion of SSIS faculty.

Installation and Setup

Step 1 - Download the App

Click the approperate link below to download the CrisisGo App to your cell phone or laptop.

CrisisGo iPhone App
CrisisGo Android App
CrisisGo Mac App Store

Step 2 - Login

Login to the CrisisGo App with your username@804 for example Joe Teacher’s account username is jteacher. Joe would login with jteacher@804.



Step 3 - Update Data

When updated data is detected a red new will apear to the left of the icon.



Open Rosters. Click the down arrow to update the roster data.




Step 4 - Check Notifications setting.

Please review document below to check your notifiaction settings on your phone.

Checking Your Settings.pdf

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