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Using the Calendar at SSIS MS

Click on Calendar


Click on the current month to add an event.

Add an Event


You can see that some of the events (1) are in yellow these are group events and only available to the class group (section) you choose. Click on New Event to add an event to the calendar.

Select Group


Select the group you would like to use. Notice how Zach has renamed his groups MMA000 sec1-sec3 to also include the periods he has those classes (1). (H),(B),(E) to more easily see which class he is selecting. When you add an event to the calendar and select one of the groups the calendar event will only be visible to students of that class.

Add Event Information


Give your event a name and add the information you would like you kids to see, homework, test, project information rubric etc.

  1. Add the date that the event was assigned.
  2. Give the event a duration, this can be one day or many days. If it is over many days the event will show up on the student’s calendar each day until the final date.
  3. Give the event a time. I gave it a 4:00 ending time so that it would be averrable until the end of the day on the 27.
  4. You can make this repeat on a weekly basis.

Student View

Student would see this as a yellow area indicating that it is a group event. The information would be visible on the student calendar for three days because we started on September 25 and ended on September 27

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