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CTP: Comprehensive Testing Program

The Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP) is a rigorous assessment in areas such as reading, listening, vocabulary, writing, science (online only) and mathematics. Verbal and quantitative reasoning subtests are part of the CTP beginning in Grade 3. The CTP helps compare content specific, curriculum-based performance to the more conceptual knowledge base found in reasoning tests.


CTP Checklist

1) Enable app installation from non-appstore developers

2) Install ERB Browser app into the Applications Folder

3) Create new User account (reconnect to wifi from new user)

1. Enable non-Appstore Developers

By default, MacOS limits automatic installation of apps to those created by confirmed developers through the App Store. We need to change this default setting to allow the ERB browser to run properly.

1) Open “Terminal” in macOS (go to Spotlight and type "terminal")

2) Type the command “sudo spctl --master-disable”. Confirm by typing in your password and pressing enter. You will not see your password being typed - just trust this is happening!

3) Check to see the “Anywhere” option is selected and enabled. If not, contact IT Dept.


2. Install ERB Browser

1. Download the attached file: ERBSecureBrowser_7.1.1.1.zip

2. Install the file:
Double click on the downloaded zip file - this will extract the application ERB Secure Browser

Complete the installation properly - drag the application out of the dmg and into the Applications folder - it must be run from the Application folder to work properly.





3. Test the application ERB Secure Browser:
Double click on the application ERB Secure Browser

The ERB Secure Browser should open. It will take up to a minute to activate and then you will see a login screen that contains an ERB header image and a sign in box.
All other Mac features should be disabled.

Press Close to exit the test browser.


3. Create a "CTP" user

Create a new login ID that will be used solely for testing. This will minimize any programs that automatically start under the student’s normal ID.

1) Open the user preferences in the system preferences
Apple > System Preferences > Users & Groups

2) Unlock the preferences and create a new admin user

The account must be an Administrator account to allow the Tests user to change settings needed in the CTP .
Make the user password something easily remembered and add a password hint.

3) Switch to the CTP user and set up the test preferences.

This should be a clean environment with no automatically opening software and no browsers logins etc.

** Don't forget to set up WIFI for the new user login **


CTP Test Day (for students)

1) Log in to the Tests user account - all applications should be closed

2) Open the ERB Secure Browser app

3) Enter the Session number into the browser text box

4) Follow the teacher directions and complete the test



IF you see the "corecaptured" error:
Close the CTP Browser
Force Quit the Finder (twice)

To Force Quit
Go to the Apple Menu

Select Force Quit

Select Finder and press Relaunch


Relaunch the CTP Browser

Contact ICT if the problem continues

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