The PSL Assignment block creates formal communications of upcoming assessments for students. Although titled “Assignments” the block is used to place all assessment types onto the class and student calendar according to the following expectations:

Assignments and Assessments

  • Assignment/Assessment details will be posted at least 10 days before the due date
  • All assignments are entered in PowerSchool Learning so they are automatically displayed on the class calendar
  • Enter the estimated amount of time the assignment will take to complete in the assignment description box.
  • Written work is submitted through the LTI Turnitin integration to promote academic honesty (HS only)
  • Assignment naming convention:
    • A - Assignment
    • H - Homework
    • P- Project
    • Q - Quiz
    • T - Test
  • Abbreviation followed by space then a dash
    Examples:   P - Cell Model Project, T - Lab Skills Unit Test


Managing Assignments and Assignment Blocks
Assignment blocks can be added to more than one page and assignments can be added to more than one assignment block.
This means teachers can choose and organise where assignments are shown.
For example: Teacher A has a class organised into four units of study and an Course Overview page. He can place an Assignment Block in each unit of study and on the Course Overview page. He can then choose to make any assignment for Unit 1 appear only on the Unit 1 assignment block and on the Course Overview page - the assignments will not show on other unit pages. When he teaches Unit 2, the assignments can be posted only to Unit 2 and the Course Overview. This creates a contextual assignment list (inside the Unit) and an overall assignment list (Course Overview).


To add an Assignment block
Unlike the Announcement block which can be placed without content, the Assignment block needs to have an assignment details to make it “stick”.
Go to Add Content Block > Messages & Activities and select Assignments


Give the Assignment block a title and select New Assignment


Add an Assignment
Enter the Assignment title and details then edit the due date. 
Sections can have different due dates - uncheck the Create Assignment for all sections to edit the due date/time for each section.

Submitting the work online means that a dropbox feature is activated on PSL. Students will have to submit their assignment through the PSL dropbox before the due date and time.

If you have multiple Assignment blocks you can select the location in which this assignment will be visible. It is recommended to post to the current unit of study and to the Course Overview.


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