Announcements are managed communications with students enrolled in your class. By extension, parents/guardians recieve notification of any Announcements made to classes in which their child is enrolled.

To add an Announcement block:

Select Add Content Block > Messages & Activities and choose Announcements


You will be prompted to label the content block - use an appropriate title e.g Class Reminders


To create and announcement, double click on the Add space then add your message in the text box (images can also be added). 

Check and edit the message options:
Display until: Controls how long the message is visible
Sections: By default the message goes to all sections. Uncheck Publish announcement to all sections and you activate the option to post a message to any combination of sections.

Press Save and the announcement is activated

The Announcement displays in the class immediately.
The Announcement displays on the student dashboard immediately.
The Announcement will “pop-up” when a student logs into your class.
At the end of the school day (approx 4pm) students receive a notification that your class has a new Announcement.


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