Adding a Graphic From URL

Adding a Graphic From URL

Taking a photo with your digital camera or phone is a good way to add graphic content to your blog

Before You Add the Image

he following process describes inserting an image which already exists on another web site or domain. This method will not upload the document/file to your blog’s Media Library. Because it is hosted elsewhere, if the file is removed from its location, the image will no longer work on your blog.

Uploading Images


Go to Posts -> Add New or Pages -> Add New, or open an existing post in editing mode.
Place your cursor where you would like the image to appear, and click on the (1) Add an Image icon found in the Upload/Insert icon group directly above your editor.

Choose Image

Click on the From URL tab

Add the Image

Image URL - The url to the image. You can get this in in chrome by right clicking on the image and select Copy Image URL. In Firefox right click on image and use Copy Image Location. In Safari right click and select Copy Image Address.

Image Caption - Image caption displayed directly underneath the image.

Alignment – The position of the image within your post or page.

Once done select insert into post.

Text taken from Wordpress.com

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