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OpenApply to PS

The ICT has an automated process within CAS to take the OpenApply export into PowerSchool.  This includes the admitted student and parents.   The automation script triggers an email notification to the fsapply2ps at ssis.edu.vn of success/failure during the import procedure.  It’s admission’s responsibilities to make the correction(s) for the next day’s import cycle.  Common mistakes are documented here.

Known issues:

  1. The sibling association is no longer working and will require manual intervention to make that link. 
  2. The phone number import into PS will strip out all special characters, leaving PS with only digits.
  3. The order of the parents (contacts) will be as they were entered in OpenApply
  4. The home address of the student cannot have commas (, ) nor pound sign (#).  This will cause PS to fail on exports 


Mr. Huy Tang will notify via email to the respective teams with the following information:

  • Employee Number | Last, First Middle Name| Department | Job Title


Edit section

Using the CAS system to create the account according to information sent from HR.  As of now, the ICT team is only responsible for staff and students accounts.  Additional to creating the accounts, the ICT will perform data verification of all new accounts.  This includes spot checks throughout the network:  Active Directory, PowerSchool SIS, Gate system, OPAC, Redmine Helpdesk, Link, and Google Suite.

An account letter will be issued to HR for redistribution to the rightful owner.  There are times that the account creation process gets stuck midway and cannot generate the account letter.  To generate the letter, go to https://cas.ssis.edu.vn/generate_stu...ccount_letter/


For those who need PowerSchool access, an account with the appropriate security settings for PowerTeacher login.


Ms. Hien Le is responsible for all new faculties and will be utilizing the CAS system to provision the new accounts.  An ID number list is maintained between HR and Ms. Hien via Google Sheets.


Ms. Giang Ha and Ms. Delma Park are responsible for this portion of the workflow.  Login to CAS every day to process new students and their contacts.  This process entails making sure that contacts follow established guideline.  Establish the sibling linkage if it exists.  Update CAS if necessary with family_ident and any mismatch information.


Ms. Chau Nguyen is responsible for obtaining the photo and printing ID card for all personnel to include contractors, caregivers, drivers, parents/guardian. Only issue an SSIS ID to the individual if one requires an ID card to enter the campus.  For parents, if one of the parents has a card, both parents will be assigned with an SSIS ID.  The next available SSIS ID can be obtained https://ps.ssis.edu.vn/admin/reports/ssis_contact_export_ssis_id.html


Ms. Tram Nguyen is responsible for maintaining all student and contacts information to ensure accuracy and consistency based on our established guideline.  

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