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1. In the “Activity Sign-Ups” tab, click “Upload” button to go to the Import Activities screen:

2. In the Import Activities page, click Sample Excel to download the sample Excel file (or you can use the excel file attached in this article):


3. Fill the Excel file with the new activities information



  • The columns’s order must be exactly like the sample Excel file
  • The columns’s names must be exactly (case sensitive) like the sample Excel file which are:
    • activity_name
    • teacher_name
    • teacher_email
    • day_of_week
    • grade_levels
    • space
    • location
    • price
    • description
  • Clear all the format
  • day_of_week column must be Weekday as locale’s full name (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday), and only one weekday per activity
  • grade_levels: fill in grade levels allowed in the activity separated by commas (e.g. 3,4,5)
  • Sheet’s name must be ‘Sheet1’


4. Click “Choose File” to select the modified excel file from your computer. Then click “Upload” to import new activities

After the activities have been imported into ASA system, you will see this message:

“Successfully imported activities from the excel file into database.”

5. Go back to the “Activity Sign-Ups” tab to see all the new activities:


Notes: you can Add individual activity by clicking the “Add” button near the “Upload” button.

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