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01 Letter from the HS Principal

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    Dear SSIS High School Students and Parents,


    It is my pleasure to welcome you to the high school at Saigon South International School. Whether you are a new or returning student or a parent of one, I extend my sincere wishes that this year is an enjoyable and educationally successful one for you.


    Academic Excellence, Sense of Self, Dedicated Service, Balance in Life, and Respect for All are our school-wide Core Values which drive all decisions, improvements, and adjustments made to various elements of our school programs. These Core Values guide us whether student, parent, teacher, administrator, or staff. They provide us with the framework to support the development of well-rounded individuals. The core values will be discussed, displayed, and celebrated throughout this year in the high school.


    Related to our Core Values are the ways in which we interact with one another. Open and honest communication, as well as supportive parent involvement, are key components of a successful educational experience. We welcome parental involvement to understand and to provide input in their child’s school experience.


    The high school program provides academically challenging courses within the AP and IB Curricula as well as opportunities for participation in extracurricular activities to provide a balance in life. I encourage you to take time to plan a program of studies that provides opportunities to excel academically and create a sense of self.


    This handbook provides important information that will help you discover all that the school has to offer and how things are organized. Please take the time to read the handbook carefully and feel free to ask me, your counselor, or any of your teachers for assistance anytime throughout the year.


    We are truly glad that you are joining us, and we look forward to working with you to make 2016-2017a great year!


    Jacob Hendrickson

    HS Principal


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