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FA01 Introduction & Philosophy

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    In accordance with the SSIS mission statement, it is our intent to provide our students with academic, activity and athletic opportunities, and to maintain a program that is sound in purpose and will further each student’s educational maturity. A student who elects to participate in the Athletics Program is voluntarily making a choice requiring self-discipline and adherence to SSIS expectations. For these reasons, SSIS stresses good training habits and preparation for athletic events. Attaining this goal should be a cooperative effort by all involved. Research shows that the lessons learned from participation in athletics contributes greatly to a student’s ability to be successful both in school and after graduation. It is our goal to assist in the building of positive characteristics which enable students to conquer adversity, lead by example, and see the benefits of hard work and sacrifice toward the achievement of a goal.

    This Coaches Handbook defines and identifies methods for accomplishing specific tasks, outlines basic goals, and recommends guidelines for the maintenance of high standards in the SSIS sports program. It has been written to help make the job of coaching at SSIS as effective and enjoyable as possible. It will serve as a source of background information that relates to the administration of the sports program. This will enable coaches to have a better understanding of the policies, processes, procedures, and expectations here at SSIS.

    This handbook is not intended as an instruction book on how to coach. It is designed to supplement, not replace, direct communications among all members of the community. The Athletic Director will always be available to provide assistance in pursuit of our common goals. 

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