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Professional Library & Resources

    Table of contents
    1. 1. CATALOGS 

    The SSIS has a growing collection of print resources, guides, and kits for professional reading and development, and is available to anyone with SSIS library access. The professional collection is housed in the Curriculum Library in A314. All are available for perusal on the library catalog system (OPAC: under PROFESSIONAL. 

    The professional collection currently has around 700 resources, identifiable by the “PROF” call number. The school relies on teacher requests to develop the collection. If you are interested in a particular professional book, electronic or print resource not currently in the collection, you may request it through the Curriculum Office. Requests can be made at any time of the year, however orders will be processed in February. 


    Resource catalogs from many different companies are available in the Bookroom (C008 ext. 00000). Additionally, the curriculum office can request and order catalogs on your behalf. Please make this request prior to November of that school year in preparation for orders in January/February. 


    Purchase orders for textbooks, student workbooks, novels, online resources, are completed by the requested department heads and grade level team leaders: first fill out the “Purchase Order” form and then go through an approval process with the divisional principals. The bookroom assistant will assist with compiling the orders and preparing the paper work to complete the ordering process. The main annual purchase order requests for the following school year begins in December and must be completed by February of that same academic year. 

    Resources Ordered Through Curriculum Budget
    Certain resources can be ordered through the Curriculum Offoce budget by teams and individual teachers. These include any professional reading books or non-print resources that focus on professional learning about teaching and learning, as well as sample resources for teaching.


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