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07 Computer Science

    The high school computer science program  provides students opportunities and experiences in programming concepts and design, and robotics. Computer Science courses are designated as elective credit.

    App Programming

    Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12   Length: 1 semester  Credit: 0.5 or 1.0 (Elective)  

    Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation

    Homework: LIGHT

    App Programming students program mobile devices using web interfaces on their MacBooks. Topics include event-driven programming, animation, sensors, voice recognition, and data storage. Completed projects are posted to individual online portfolios. 

    Introduction to Computer Science

    Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12   Length: 1st semester only or 1 year   Credit: 0.5 or 1.0 (Elective)  

    Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation for grade 9, strong math background recommended

    Homework: MODERATE

    This course is based on Charles Dierbach's Introduction to Computer Science using Python. It is aimed at students who have little or no programming experience, but are highly motivated to understand computational approaches to problem solving. Topics will include Data and Expressions, Control Structures, Functions, Text Files, Object-Oriented Programming and Recursion. Starting second quarter students selecting this course can expect to spend 5-7 hours per week of programming outside of class. Students completing this course will be well-prepared to take IB Computer Science or an introductory college-level programming course.

    IB Computer Science SL, Year 1

    Grade: 11, 12   Length: First of 2 years   Credit: 1.0 (Science)        

    Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation

    Homework: MODERATE to HEAVY

    For more IB Computer Science SL specifics:  

    This course includes four required topics: system fundamentals, computer organization, networks, and computational thinking, problem-solving & programming. An addition fifth topic will be chosen from databases, modelling and simulation, web science. An internal assessment is a "practical application of skills through the development of a product and associated documentation" in which students find a client and produce a computational solution to a problem the client provides.

    The external assessment comprises two examination papers given at the end of the second year. Paper 1 constitutes 45% of the course mark and Paper 2 constitutes 25%. The internal assessment provides the remaining 30% of the mark.

    Year 1 students will complete Topic 4: Computational thinking, problem-solving & programming and the internal assessment.

    This class fulfills the IB Group 4 requirement.

    IB Computer Science SL, Year 2

    Grade: 11, 12   Length: Second of 2 years   Credit: 1.0 (Science)      

    Prerequisite: IB Computer Science SL, Year 1 and Teacher recommendation

    Homework: MODERATE

    For more IB Computer Science SL specifics:  This course is a continuation of the IB CS SL, Year 1 and focuses on the four required topics and one optional topic described above and preparation for the examinations in May.




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