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05 Advanced Placement (AP) Courses and Exams

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    Through college-level AP courses, students have the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing at many colleges and universities in the United States. Outside the U.S., universities in more than 55 countries recognize AP Exam scores in the admission process and/or for credit and advanced placement. Individual colleges and universities, not the College Board or the AP Program, set admission and AP recognition criteria for their respective programs. AP Exam performance is typically considered within the student’s complete application. Students opting for AP courses are required to take the exam for that course in May at the expense of the student.

    Students enrolled in designated Higher Level (HL) IB courses will be permitted in Year 1 of that course to take the corresponding AP exam (see specific course descriptions in this guide).  Students wishing to inquire about sitting an AP exam must speak to the IB and AP Coordinator.  Teacher recommendation and IB and AP Coordinator approval are both required to allow students, as appropriate, in Standard Level (SL) IB courses or regular SSIS courses to sit for AP exams in their junior year.  IB Year 2 students are not permitted to sit for AP exams unless they are enrolled in that AP course being offered as a separate class at SSIS.


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