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Grade 7 Non-Core & Elective Courses

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    2. 2. ELECTIVES


    Physical Education 7 

    The SSIS physical education curriculum focuses on an active learning environment. Participation, sportsmanship and effort comprise the majority of the program at this level. Appropriate social interactions and gross motor skills development are emphasized at this level. The remaining aspects of the program consist of class preparedness, tness testing and knowledge of sports. The goal for our students is that they will develop a deeper appreciation for an active lifestyle as a solid base for a healthy future. 

    All students will have the opportunity to study various topics including mental health, social health, nutrition, physical ac- tivity, substance abuse, human development, preventing disease, body systems, relationships and healthy decision-making. Grade 7 will focus on mental and emotional health, resolving conflicts and preventing violence (anti-bullying), and the human body growth and change during puberty. 

    All three levels of middle school at SSIS participate in swimming instruction. The instructor(s) will differentiate lessons depending on each student’s level of skill development. All students will learn the basics of personal water safety, stroke development and mechanics, endurance training (swimming laps) and play games such as water polo. 

    Technology: Multimedia (semester) 

    This project-based course provides a hands-on introduction to multimedia creation. Students will gain the creative and communication skills needed to outline, plan, design, and create multimedia projects, from presentations to interactive multimedia applications. Students will use a combination of still images, type, video, audio animation and computer-based interactivity to communicate their thoughts and ideas. 

    Technology: Robotics and Coding (semester) 

    This course covers the basics of computer science. Students will explore different programming languages to solve problems and build interactive programs involving graphics, animations, and simple games. In addition, students will explore how these languages are used to create robotic sculptures that interact with the environment through the use of sensors and motors. 


    Art 7 (Year or Semester) 

    The MS Visual Art program in Grade 7 is focused on the development of creative thinking and expression. Students will experience different aspects of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, digital art and ceramics. Students peer assess, self assess and reflect regularly throughout the course. They work in groups, pairs and individually and participate regularly in discussions linking to core classes, community and service whenever possible. Students are encouraged to participate in weekly art challenges, art competitions and maintain a blog to showcase their work. The visual arts assessment consists of both the nished products (Studio Work) and the process of artistic investigation and development (Art Journal and Blog). This two-part assessment, Studio Work and the Art Journal, is standard in Middle school and High school art classes. 

    Choir (Year or Semester) 

    Choir is a performance class with an emphasis on vocal performance in an ensemble setting. This course is designed for students with little or no background in vocal training or choral performance and is an option for students who want to participate in classroom music but do not wish to study an instrument. The course will cover basic tone production, breathing techniques, sight-reading and ensemble training. As well, critical listening skills as they pertain to vocalists will be developed so that students can gain an understanding of modern singing styles and techniques. Students will participate in two major performances during the school year. 

    Drama 7 (Year or Semester) 

    Drama builds upon skills that were introduced in Exploratory Drama 6. The course will focus on how to use voice and body to express yourself clearly both on and off stage! Students will have the opportunity to create and perform a variety of Drama pieces. Students will develop physical theatre skills, learning from great physical performers such as Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy and devise short comic physical performances, presenting them with music, lighting, costume and props. Following this, they will focus on how to use voice to explore a short script, focusing on emotion, time, place and meaning. Students in this class should consider themselves members of a “cast,” which means they will be on the same team working toward the same goals. The semester-long class will culminate in a final drama showcase that will allow students to demonstrate the skills and confidence they have built over the course of the class. 

    Music 7 (Year long) 

    This is a year long performance course offering students the opportunity to participate in a large instrumental ensemble. This course is aimed at any student who currently plays a band or orchestral instrument or any student interested in beginning to play a band or orchestral instrument. The school has a range of brass and woodwind instruments available for use by beginner students. This course is not suitable for students wishing to play guitar or keyboard only. Music literary skills form an important aspect of this course. Students will read, write and interpret basic musical notation on the treble and bass clefs. Students will participate in two major performances during the school year. 

    Yearbook (Year long) 

    Over the course of the year, yearbook students will create the annual SSIS Middle School Yearbook. During this year long course students will have the opportunity to explore digital photography, graphic design and journalism. This course emphasizes working collaboratively to learn the process of publishing a yearbook with accuracy, effective photography, design layout, and equal student representation. Students will also focus on professional communication skills and time management.


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