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Geometer's Sketchpad

    Table of contents
    1. 1. To install:
    2. 2. To deregister:

    To install:

    1.  Download the appropriate install file from the Key Curriculum Press web site.

    2. Obtain your 25 digit authorization code from your math teacher.

    3. Run the install program.  When prompted type in the License Name (make sure to include the number after the school name) and the Authorization code. Make sure you type themexactly as written on the paper your math teacher provided to you.




    To deregister:

    1.  Open Geometer's Sketchpad

    2.  Open the License Information dialog box. Help -> License Information


    3. Click the deregister button.


    4.  Type in the original registeration code.  Click Derigister.


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