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Modifying the Text

    Modifying the Text

    Editing Template Text


    Scribus allows you to edit text in a variety of different ways. For this project I am going to show you one simple way you can add text to your text area. Right click on the text box and select edit text to open up the Edit Text box.

    Edit Text


    In this window you can:

    1. add text (copy paste or type)
    2. change font size
    3. change font
    4. commit changes you make

    You can also change text color, font size and much more by right clicking on the text box and selecting properties. I am going to change the text color to red then give the heading a new name.
    Hey wait a minute I don't have that red color.

    Add More Colors


    Color is added via another menu item:

    1. go to edit menu and select colors
    2. this brings up the color dialogue window. In this select New
    3. Give the color an appropriate name
    4. select the color you want from the color area. (Scribus has a number of different color profiles to choose from I am going to leave it at the default HSV Color Map)
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