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Modifying Images

    Working With Images and Scribus

    Editing Image


    Scribus allows you to edit images in a number of different ways. I am going to replace the map of Europe with a graphic of the periodic table. On my netbook I have added the Chrome Chemereference app so I have taken a screen shot of an area of the periodic table to use as my replacement image. The first step is to change the locked state of the image as I want to make changes to it. I right click on the image and deselect Is Locked.

    Get my New Image


    Right click on the image and select Get Image. Then navigate to the image you want to use to replace the map of Europe with the image you want, in my case the Periodic table

    Working WIth the Image Box


    Clicking on the image once then holding the mouse button down on the image allows you to move it on your document. Clicking on the image twice allows you to move the image whithin the graphic box so I can pick what part of the image I want shown. You can see above with the before and after shots.

    Adjust Frame to Image


    Makes the image frame the same size as the image.

    Adjust Image to frame


    Makes the image fit inside of the image frame

    Edit the Image


    This will open the image in Gimp where you can edit the actual image. Cut out objects, change the size, and much more

    Adding Your Own Image


    Add an image frame by selecting the Insert Image Frame icon and dragging an image frame on your document.

    Adding an Image


    Right click on the Image Frame box select Get Image. This will add the full size image to the Image frame.

    Adding an Image


    I then selected adjust image to frame. This reduces the size so that it all looks good.

    Text Wrap


    Right click on the Image and select properties. Then select shape I then used Frame Shape to mae sure the text flowed around the graphic.

    Citation Tip


    One of the images I used and I also used it as a citation example what the orbital shell for Krypon. I got this from the Wikepedia. If You look on the left had side of the Wikimedia menu you will see Toolbox. In the tooblox menu you will see Cite this page. I right clicked on that and opened the link in a new tab to get the above screen then I copied the MLA formated citation to my brochure.

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