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Creating a Brochure Using Scribus

    Our netbooks have a full featured Desktop Publishing application called Scribus. We are going to be using one of two templates to create our "Elements" brochure that you are working on in Ms. Cuthbertson's Science 7 class.. I have broken this down into a number of small steps so if you forget you can quickly find what you need to complete the document.

    Steps to use Scribus to create an Elements Brochure for Ms. Cuthbertson's Science class.


    Go to the Graphics group and then Double click on Scribus to start the application.

    Scribus Templates


    Scribus comes with a variety of templates , posters, newsletters and brochures that you can quickly setup and use.

    Select Your Brochure Template


    I am going to use Brochure_1 for my template.

    Template Overview


    Page one of the template has a number of different elements that we can modify.

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