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Restoring From Backup

    Restoring From Backup

    To move your blog to another Wordpress installation.

    Why restore?

    You may want to use these steps if you want to move your blog to your own wordpress installation or to a new school installation.

    Get ready to import


    From the tools menu select import.

    Select appropriate import


    Wordpress imports from a variety of blogging systems but the SSIS blogs are all wordpress based. So select Wordpress.

    Select your backup style


    Click on browse then navigate to the xml file backup you would like to import. Click on the Upload File and Import

    Decide on Author and Attachments


    You then need to decide how you are going to handle author if you are backing up from your old blogs I would leave this as default. If you select Download and import the attachments the files will be downloaded from your old blog to your new blog. When the import is finished Wordpress will let you know and all files should be available to you.

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