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Creating Podcasts

    Creating Podcasts

    A simple tool, Audioboo, that can be used to embed podcasts into your blog.

    Login to the account


    Login to our audioboo account then click on my profile.

    Get Ready to Record


    Start by clicking on the New Recording/File Upload. This will open the Create a Boo window. Click on Got your mic ready.

    Add Your Audio


    Click on start recording



    Click on the Blue pause recording area.

    Save Recording


    Click on Happy Add Title



    Add an appropriate title and use tags to describe your file eg. ssis, spanish, etc.

    Add Extras


    You can add an image and geotag the audio file. I added Saigon South International School to the search box to add the map location.

    Get the Code


    Click on the embed icon and copy the embed code then off to your blog.

    Add Embed Code


    Create a new blog post and switch to HTML by clicking on the HTML tab. Past the code into the blog post area. Add the appropriate blog categories and tags then publish your post.

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