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Enabling Cups Browser in Lion or Mountain Lion

    The steps that show how to set default values for your network printer currently need one more step in Lion or Mountain Lion, Apple's newer operating systems, or you will get an error when going to http://localhost:631/admin.

    Start Launchpad

    Locate the terminal application by clicking on launchpad.


    Start The Terminal Application

    1. Type T into the search box to narrow the number of apps you need to look through.
    2. Click on terminal.

    Turn on Web Interface

    In terminal mode type
    cupsctl WebInterface=yes (You can copy this text and paste it into terminal)
    then press return.



    Continue with the Previous instructions

    In the last step you will save the new settings. You may be asked to authenticate. If so use your Macintosh username and password not the SSIS username and password.





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