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VLC Media Player with .ISO files

    Playing DVD .iso files with VLC Media Player

    Whether you access the files directly through the File Explorer, or download them through the web browser, we recommend that you use VLC Media Player, to have the same menus and interactive options as when using the original DVDs. VLC Media Player can be downloaded for free here. Please note that it is already installed on all the school computers!

    To make sure Windows will open the Media Server .iso files with VLC from now on, do the following:

    Select a DVD .iso file

    Enter the "Movies" section, for example, and choose a movie. Right-click on it, select "Open with", then "Choose default program..." (click on the image to see it larger):

    Image 4.jpg

    "Open with" Menu

    You will now see a window that lets you select which program to use. Click on the little arrow pointing down to see other programs.

    Image 5.jpg

    Scroll down until you see VLC Media Player, select it, make sure that the option "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is active, and click OK:

    Image 6.jpg

    Watch the DVD

    After a few seconds, the VLC Media Player window will open, and you should see the DVD start playing, most likely the main menu. From now on, simply double-clicking on any other DVD .iso file will open it with VLC automatically.

    You can use the mouse to click on the DVD menu options, or the keyboard arrow keys and Enter key (like a DVD player remote control) to start the movie.

    Image 7.jpg

    Some useful tips for VLC Media Player

    • Press "f" on the keyboard to quickly switch between full screen or windowed mode.
    • "Space" while the movie is playing will pause/play the movie.
    • In windowed mode, the menus at the top are very useful.
      • "Playback" has submenus to quickly jump to different sections of the DVD. Back to the main menu, to a different chapter of the movie, etc.
      • "Audio" has submenus to change to other languages and/or director's comments, if the DVD has these features.
      • "Video" has submenus to turn on/off the subtitles, if the DVD has them.
    • VLC Media Player is extremely powerful, and can do some real time effects on the movie, to increase brightness, volume, and more. An explanation would be too long for this page, but click on the menu "Tools", then the option "Effects and Filters" and experiment with it. You can't break anything!
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