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Media Server with File Explorer

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    To access this server in the SSIS network, follow these steps:

    Click on the Windows Start Button and type: \\\Media, like this:

    Image 1.jpg

    If you are correctly connected to the network, you will be asked your SSIS network login. It is the same username and password that you regularly use to log in to the computers at the Library or the Labs. Here is an example:


    Change astudent12 by your username. We recommend you check the option "Remember my credentials", or you will have to enter them again every time you access the server. Do this ONLY on your own computer, NOT in publicly accessible machines, such as the ones in the Library.

    If it works correctly, you will now see a list of folders for different categories of media resources:

    Image 3.jpg

    For most of the files you will find, we recommend that you use VLC Media Player.

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