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Moving Photos

    How to move photos from your netbook to an iPad and into Imovie.

    Get Photos


    You can use creative commons images. Here are two sites you might consider. Remember that in both of these tools the first row is shutterstock (not free to use!!). Also in compfight select the creative commons license. (for more photo sites)

    Locate photos that:

    • show what you think the character might look like
    • shows the setting
    • visually describes a pivotal theme
    • is a symbol or metaphor that stands out in the book

    Zip Photos


    Add all of the photos to a folder then zip the folder so you only have to upload one file to the iPad. If you are not using an Imovie trailer but creating an Imovie project you can also add the mp3 file you choose for the movie soundtrack to this folder.

    1. select all files then right click and select compress
    2. add a title (if needed)
    3. click on the drop down menu and select zip
    4. pay attention to where you are saving the file to (something I always forget to do!)

    Find the URL


    On the iPad locate the Documents app.

    1. select Network
    2. tap the WebDav connect icon on the top right hand side
    3. get the WebDav IP address in this case

    Upload file to iPad

    1. On your netbook open chrome and add the url from the previous step. You will get a prompt on the iPad asking to allow a WebDav connection. Tap Yes
    2. Click on choose file and navigate to where your zipped folder is located
    3. Select the file and click open
    4. Upload file to the iPad

    Unzip File


    Tap on documents and you should now see the zipped project folder. Tap on the zipped project folder and the file will expand leaving you with a folder with all of the photos.

    Add Photos to Gallery


    Open each photo then tap on the top right to add each photo to the Gallery so you can use the photos in iMovie.

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