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Game-based Learning with Kahoot!

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    I recently ran across Kahoot when checking out new mobile apps for teachers at the Learning 2.0 Conference in Manila. Initially, it looked like something geared toward Elementary and Middle School kids. But on further examination, there are actually a number of applications for students of all ages.
    Kahoot is a great way for teachers and students to explore game-based learning. Kahoot uses fun music and point systems to create a high-energy, interactive learning environment.
    Students create games (aka “Kahoots”) based on quizzes, discussions, and surveys. These games are optimized so that students can answer on a range of devices (iPads, Android phones, you name it). But they also share the overall game on a shared screen. Think of campfire stories, or bar-room trivia. These games can be created in minutes and shared with other students in the classroom, or in 180+ countries around the world!
    All it requires is an Internet connection. Students do not need to set up player accounts. And it’s completely free!
    Check out Kahoot today, and let me know what you think! 
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