SSIS Link Technology Tips and Guides Embed Videos on the Blog through Youtube

Embed Videos on the Blog through Youtube

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    Embed Videos on the Blog through Youtube


    1. Go to your SSIS Youtube account


      Use the tiles:

      YT - Tiles.jpg


      or go through Apps:

      YT - Apps.jpg


    2. Upload video into Youtube

    YT Upload.jpg


    Drag and Drop your video and set your audience (Public, Unlisted, Private) 

    YT - Drop Upload.jpg

    2. Wait for video to process (this may take 5-10minutes or longer depending on the length and size of your video). You can edit the title and choose a Thumbnail image for the video. Once it finishes processing press Publish.


    YT - Publish.jpg


    3. Embed your video by selecting and copying the code. Choose the appropriate size according to your blog type or webpage.

    YT - Embed.jpg


    4. Login to your blog then go to the blog post you want to insert the video into and Edit Post. Select Text mode and paste your embed code.


    5. Check your video, Publish and view.



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