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EasyBib Bibliography Creator

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    EasyBib is a Biblography creator and it works great with our SSIS Databases.

    Part 1 - Setup EasyBib

    1. Go to and create an account (you can Sign in with Google)


    2. Once you are register make sure you verify your account.

    Go to your email address and click the Verify Link

    *Make sure you have MLA selected for your Citation Style.

    3. Download the EasyBib Google Extension (make sure you use Google Chrome to have the best experience)

    4. Sign into the EasyBib Google Chrome Extension

    Part 2 - Using Easybib with SSIS Databases

    1. Go to ProQuest and conduct a search on your topic and narrow your focus

    2. Locate an article. Download the PDF and generate the citations. Then Locate the More button to create the citation of your article.

    Part 3 Export your EasyBib Bibliography to Google Docs or Word

    1. Locate your Project and go to the Bibliography

    2. Select the sources you want to include in your Bibliography

    3. Export your citations to Google Docs or Word

    You should see a page with your Bibliography (Works Cited)

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