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Mac Student Tech Session 2

    Session 2 - Staying organized on the Mac

    EQ: How do I stay organized on my Mac?

    1. Wifi Troubleshooting

    1. DNS Settings and Locations

    1. NWEA Lockdown Browser for MAP Testing

    2. Bookmarks - Homework Links, Moodle Course Links, Google Drive Folder Links


    1. Organization - Google Drive Setup:

      • Grade Folder>Courses OR Semester>Class Folders

    1. Gmail email filters/labels for Classroom

    1. Power Setting

      • Charging at Night in specific place

    1. Updates - Run regularly at night when plugged into power

    You should have on your Mac

    1. Right Click - Trackpad setup

    1. Dock Settings

      • Clean up Dock

    1. MacKeeper

    If you installed MacKeeper Remove it immediately. You can do this by:

    1. Right click the MacKeeper Application and Move it to the Trash.

    2. Empty Trash

    3. Restart your computer

    4. Install MalwareBytes from the Link

    5. Run MalwareBytes

    6. Restart

    7. Your system should be clean. You might need to change your default Home url on Google Chrome

    1. Folder Structures in Finder

      • Show Path Bar

      • Preference General and Sidebar

    1. Shortcuts CMD+Spacebar

    1. Make sure you have all of these Apps: iMovie, GarageBand, Keynote, Pages

    2. How to Setup Apple ID on Link (do this at home with your parents)

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