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Mac Student Tech Session 1

    Session 1 - Welcome Back

    EQ: How do I care for my Mac and get organized for the year?

    1. Safety - carrying, locking-up

    2. Bag Check - recommended Shell

    1. Label Computer

    2. Wifi and School Network Password (wifi, Gmail, PowerSchool, Moodle)

      • Forgot your password - visit the Tech Office

    1. Installing Chrome

      • Language - ?ncr

      • Fun with Flags

        • Open Google Chrome

        • Type chrome://flags

          1. Search (CMD+F) for the QUIC protocol

          2. Select Disable

          3. Click the Relaunch now! (Bottom of screen)

        • Install these Chrome extensions:

          • Ad Block  

          • Magic Actions

    • Hapara Teacher Dashboard - Student View

    What is this and why we have it?

    Organize Drive - put all S2 into a Semester 2 folder and any old files from previous years into zArchive folder.

    1. Installing Apps

    2. Password Protect Mac

    1. How to setup Apple ID on Link (do this at home with your parents)

    2. Mackeeper

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