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Why we use Free Software

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    Why we choose to use Free Software:


    1. No License issues – With Free Software, there are no worries about expiry dates or costs of the licenses. Free Software is free and stays free in every sense. There is no risk to mislead any user to use an illegal copy
    2. Equality at home - With Free Software, teachers can give a copy to each student, and parents are not forced to make a financial decision.
    3. Learning to use software - It is not enough to know how to use a certain office programs. Students need the capability to adapt to any software. It's important to understand the concepts underlying a whole category or type of software (such as a spreadsheet or a word-processor), not merely how to use a particular application. The variety of Free Software products teaches exactly this.
    4. Dependency - If students learn to do things a certain way in school, the easiest way for them to do that thing in their adult life is to continue to do it the same way. If we teach students to rely on proprietary software, we are giving the child a dependency on something which they have to pay for and which generally discourages sharing and good will in society.
      However, if we teach children to rely on Free Software, the software can never be taken away from the student (even in the student's adult life) and the student can continue using this software while helping others by sharing it. 
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