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    This area contains suggested software products use at Saigon South International School.

    Yellow - software preloaded on the Macintosh computer.

    General Purpose  

    Program Name Purpose
    Pages Word Processor
    Numbers Spreadsheet
    Keynote Presentation

    Web Browser  

    Program Name Purpose
    Safari Web browsing
    Firefox Web browsing
    Google Chrome Web browsing

    Web Browser  - Extensions

    Program Name Purpose

    Chrome – AdBlock Extension

    FireFox – AdBlock Plus Extension

    Safari – AdBlock Extension

    Block Ads



    Program Name Purpose
    Blender 3D design
    Google SketchUp 3D design
    Inkscape Vector design (like Illustrator), PDF editing
    Pinta Image editor (simpler than Photoshop), replaces Paint.Net
    GIMP + Plugins Image editor (like Photoshop)
    Google Picasa Photo management and simple editing


    Program Name Purpose
    Garageband Create music or podcasts
    Audacity Audio editor and recorder
    TuxGuitar Score and tablature editor
    MuseScore Music composition & notation software


    Program Name Purpose
    iMovie Video Editor
    Pencil Animation "Old-school", stop-motion animation
    Avidemux Simple video editor and converter

    Miscellaneous Multimedia

    Program Name Purpose
    Quicktime Multimedia player
    VLC Media Player Multimedia player



    Program Name Purpose
    Phun Physics simulator
    Celestia Space simulation that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions. 
    Stellarium Planetarium
    Virtual Microscope Simulated scientific instrumentation


    Program Name Purpose
    GeoGebra Geometry/Algebra
    Mathematica Player Free player for Wolfram interactive application

    Other Educational

    Program Name Purpose
    FreeMind Mindmapping
    Google Earth 3D World map (Geo Location)
    Scratch Educational programming environment
    Evernote Notetaking 
    Adobe Air Cross-platform Runtime System
    BirdBrain Robot Server Hummingbird Environment
    123D Design 3D Modeling
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