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Laptops In Your Life

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    Welcome to Laptops In Your Life: A Parent/Student Workshop
    If you are reading this, chances are your child is embarking on the start of the 1:1 MacBook program at Saigon South International School.
    Workshop Overview
    At this parent workshop, we will talk about the concept Digital Citizenship: Online safety, responsible use, behavior and balance.
    What does it mean to be a good Digital Citizen? How can we make good choices? How can we have open and honest conversations with children (Rather than monitoring/tracking), How different are face to face interactions from online interactions? What parenting strategies can we use to support this kind of behavior at home?
    Workshop Goals:
    1. Helping parents understand how children use technology,
    2. Finding balance between play and work with technology
    3. Transferring parenting and life skills parents already have to the digital world
    4. Getting to know your MacBook
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