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Vietnamese Drivers Licence

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     Process to complete an applications for Vietnamese Drivers Licence.

    1. If you have a Foreign Driving Licence (FDL),  (not international Driving License -- not accepted by the authorities in Vietnam), the following applies to you :

    1.1 Documents required:
    -Visa or Residence card 
    -Foreign (country) driving license, again, not international driving license
    - 4 color ID photos (3cm x4cm)
    -80 USD for service fee

    1.2 Note
    With effect from 2013, when foreigner convert from FDL to VDL, the validity of your VDL will follow the expiry date of :
    a) your visa / residence card or
    b) your FDL expiry date; whichever expire earlier.

    Visa/Residence card expire in  6 month, FDL expire in 4 months  => VDL issued to you will only be 4 months.

    c) If your FDL state car only, your VDL will allow you to only drive car.
    d) If you wish to convert your FDL (Car) to VDL (Motor cycles), you need to sit for practical exam, the process is 3-4 weeks, no written exam.

    2. If you do not have a Foreign Driving Licence (FDL) for cars or motorbikes, you will need to sit for written and driving lessons and test.
    The test is in Vietnamese.

    Price list:
    Foreign Car Driving Licence to Vietnam Car Driving Licence $80
    Foreign Car Driving Licence to Vietnam Car and Motorcycles Driving Licence $145

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