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    These are the brand identity guidelines for the Saigon South International School (SSIS) corporate identity. Saigon South International School is recognized throughout the Asian region as a leader in North American based international education in Vietnam.

    The primary goal of these guidelines is to help user to apply the Saigon South International School brand correctly, ensuring a cohesive visual presentation of our identity and logos. Our identity should reflect our commitment to our Mission Statement and the Core Values, which make our school unique.

    The marketing department has developed parameters for the use of the logo so its consistent use in tour promotional and informational materials will be able to strengthen our brand in the market.

    Not a permutations and possibilities can be captured however these general guidelines should serve as a starting point for most instances.

    If there are questions related to a particular publication, uniform, marketing or promotional piece please contact the Admissions and Marketing department at 


    Saigon South International School is a college preparatory school committed to the intellectual and personal development of each student in preparation for a purposeful life as a global citizen. 


    Learning at SSIS is an interactive process of discovery involving students, teachers, and parents: all working to support the development of the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to succeed in school and later in life.

    Our curriculum emanates from the school’s mission, incorporates our many cultures, and is broader than the content of study.
    All courses of study are student-centered, focused on making meaning, and rooted in conceptual understanding.

    The cultural context of an international school is potentially a life-changing opportunity. SSIS aims to guide students towards capitalizing on that opportunity and making the experience as fulfilling and rewarding as possible. 


    SSIS Believes In and Promotes:

    Academic Excellence

    A challenging academic program, based on American standards, that teaches the student how to think, to learn, to problem
    solve, and to work individually and in teams while acquiring a foundational knowledge base of the world.

    Sense of Self

    A community atmosphere in which each student can gain a sense of “who she or he is” in the world; to develop self-confidence, strong character, convictions, leadership abilities, grace, courage, the desire to be a life-long learner and the commitment to achieve excellence in all she or he does.

    Dedicated Service

    A view that looks beyond oneself to the assets and needs of the surrounding community and the world and finds fulfillment in unlocking potential in the service of humankind. The model SSIS graduate will demonstrate a caring attitude, be environmentally aware and persevere for the good of the community.

    Balance in Life

    An academic program that promotes an appreciation for all of life and seeks to balance the sciences with the humanities; academics with the arts; mental wholeness with physical, social and spiritual wholeness; and future career with family relationships.

    Respect for All

    A perspective that each individual is a person of worth. 


    School Logo

    The symbol used to represent our school. This is used in all publications, informational and marketing materials as well as diplomas and school reports.

    Athletic Logo

    The symbol used to represent our school sports teams. This is used on all uniforms, MRISA & SISAC banners and in our gymnasium and swimming pool.


    This refers to the typographic elements of the logos.

    Pantone Matching System (PMS)

    This refers to the Pantone’s color identification system. It is used with a number which, corresponds with a specific color. 


    Our logo is the central element in the school’s branding strategy. The design, color, and type all help to reinforce the school’s identity. By maintaining a consistent visual approach we are ensuring that;

    1. A unified message regarding SSIS’s values is being used.

    2. By continual and consistent use the market will develop a familiarity with the brand and quickly identify our materials as those from SSIS.

    The logo consists of a shield containing the abbreviated name of the school SSIS and the school dragon. This shield is encircled by an inner and outer circle which encompass the formal name of the school. Saigon South International School. 





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