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FA05 Statement on Sportsmanship

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    The ideals of good sportsmanship, which include fair play, ethical behavior, and integrity, are evident in the School’s Core Values and culture. Sportsmanship is not an accident. It takes hard work, a great deal of courage, and much dedication to demonstrate its ideals. The concept of sportsmanship must be taught, expected, and reinforced. The following is a list of expected behaviors from all SSIS coaches and athletes.

    Be courteous to all. This can be illustrated by addressing officials respectfully and by accepting extra responsibility when acting as a host.

    Know the rules and abide by them, respecting any official decisions. This can be accomplished by understanding the rules and using appropriate avenues for questioning calls.

    Win with character and lose with dignity. Openly congratulate coaches and players of opposing teams following the game and acknowledge good performances on either side.

    Each team member plays a part in the building the energy and spirit of the team. Use only positive expressions and encourage each player’s best performance.

    Exercise self-control, which reflects positively upon yourself, your family, your teammates, and your school. 

    Zero tolerance for vulgar or profane language at any time.

    One way to remember this is with the acronym ROOTS - rules, officials, opponents, team and self. All are worthy of respect and putting others before self is the hallmark of a great team player.


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