SSIS Link Handbook Compendium DA Student Handbooks 03 HS Section 7: Major Areas of Disciplinary Concern Out-­of-­School Suspension

Out-­of-­School Suspension

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    Students assigned an out-­of-­school suspension are expected to spend time away from school in a parent-­supervised setting. Students are not allowed to attend classes, interact with peers, or be involved in any after-­school events. A student who is on suspension will have an opportunity to make up work missed while on suspension. Any exception to this will be made by the high school principal and/or head of school. Suspensions from SSIS are given as a reflection period, during which students have time to consider whether they wish to continue at SSIS and how they can modify their behavior to do so.

     A first out-­of-­school suspension will generally be for one or two days, while a second suspension may be three, up to a maximum of ten days. All incidents resulting in an out-­of-­school  suspension will be documented and become part of the student’s school record.


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