SSIS Link Handbook Compendium DA Student Handbooks 03 HS Section 7: Major Areas of Disciplinary Concern

Section 7: Major Areas of Disciplinary Concern

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    Some types of behavior are of immediate concern and are not tolerated at school, on school buses, or at school functions. Face-to-face and electronic incidents are treated identically and regardless of ownership of the electronic equipment or forum. Following are some examples.

    •  Disrespectful Behavior:T alking back to teachers and staff (including substitute teachers), rude behavior, making threats, using derogatory language, refusing to identify one’s self, refusing to follow a reasonable direction, deliberately defacing or destroying school property (including equipment and buildings).

    •  Fighting and/or Abuse of Fellow Students: Fighting, the use of profanity, using insulting or profane gestures, any type of harassment or activity designed to intimidate, embarrass or isolate other students.

    •  Academic Dishonesty: Cheating, lying, stealing, malpractice, plagiarism of student work, alteration of grades, falsification of parent or teacher signatures.

    •  Truancy: Student absence from school or from a class without the prior authorization of a parent, guardian or school employee.

    •  Theft: Taking, assisting in taking, or in any way participating in receiving materials that belong to someone else without that person’s consent, for any length of time. Students suspected of possessing stolen items will be asked to empty their pockets and packs, and their lockers will be searched by school officials. Stealing is a serious offense that will lead to suspension and possible expulsion. (Refer to Infraction and Consequence Chart.)

    •  Smoking/Use of Tobacco: Possession or use of tobacco products by students is prohibited at all times at or near the school, on the school bus, at school bus stops, and at all school-­sponsored events regardless of location. Possession of any tobacco product, including lighters, will result in confiscation, detention and contacting the parent.(See Infraction and Consequence Chart.)

    •  Drugs and Alcohol: Saigon South International School has a zero tolerance policy on the use or possession of drugs and alcohol. Students engaged in any of the following activities will be immediately suspended from school: being in possession of, using, buying or selling, giving or accepting any illegal drugs (including marijuana and alcohol) or look-­alikes; misusing prescription drugs, at or near school, on the school bus or at any school function. Students who are knowingly with other students who are engaged in these activities will also be immediately suspended from school. Expulsion may be recommended.

    •  Vandalism and Graffiti: Vandalism includes defacing, destroying or ruining property not belonging to the student, including but not limited to lockers, books, school buses, etc. In addition to immediate suspension, the student (parents) will be required to pay for damages or replace the item. Replacement costs will be calculated at the cost of the item plus any and all taxes, fees, shipping or other import costs, as applicable. Student records and final grades will be withheld until all such charges are cleared.

    •  Weapons or Weapon Look-­alikes:The possession of any type of weapon, toy weapon, or weapon look-­alike is strictly forbidden at or near school, on the school bus, at school bus stops, and during all school activities, regardless of location. (See Infraction and Consequence Chart.)


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