SSIS Link Handbook Compendium DA Student Handbooks 03 HS Section 6: Extra-­curricular and Co-­curricular Activities Athletics


    Philosophy and Commitment

    The SSIS interscholastic athletic program seeks to instill in students a respect for elements of fitness and skill which are integral to developing a lifelong interest in sports and fitness. The ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, fair play, and a demonstration of respect for the efforts of team members, opponents, coaches and officials are expected from all participants.

    Participation in the interscholastic program is a privilege that requires the cooperation of students, teachers and school administration. Students who wear our school uniform are considered, in addition to athletes, ambassadors for SSIS and as such represent our Core Values.

    The SSIS Interscholastic Athletic Program seeks to promote:

    •  Teamwork and cooperation to achieve a common goal

    •  Skill development and an awareness of one’s talents and limitations

    •  Sportsmanship

    •  Respect for the talents and abilities of one’s self and others

    •  An understanding of the benefits of constructive criticism

    •  Pride in the accomplishments of oneself and one’s team

    Commitment to the Athletic Program

    Before making a commitment to a sports team, students are encouraged to reflect carefully on whether they can maintain that commitment. Students should consult with the coach and athletic director to make sure they understand the commitment required. The commitment for high school athletes is typically 3-4 times per week.

    Students wishing to join a sports team must be prepared to commit fully to the team and be prepared to take part in all practice sessions and games. Depending on the activity, games may be scheduled on weekends -­including travel to other cities. Sports team sign-­up occurs during the ASA sign-­ups in the first few weeks of school.

    Conference Membership

    Currently SSIS is involved in two athletic conferences. The Saigon International School Athletic Conference (SISAC) involves 15 schools from the Saigon City area. This league’s commitment involves a series of inter-­school matches and a season-ending championship tournament. The Mekong River International School Association (MRISA) involves 8 schools from around SE Asia. This league’s commitment involves a season-ending championship tournament.

    High School Seasons of Play

    August- November Volleyball
    Fall Swimming
    November- March Basketball
    January- May Winter/ Spring Swimming
    February- April Soccer

    Cost to participants

    Outside of a player’s own personal equipment, a player is only responsible for paying for trips outside of HCMC. Competitions such as MRISA and invitational tournaments will always have a cost attached. These costs cover transportation, insurance, visa fees, T-­Shirts, accommodations and food. Costs may vary depending on the location and length of trip.

    Athletic Banquet

    Our Annual Athletic Banquet is an opportunity to say thanks to our athletes, parents and coaches for the time and energy they put into our athletic program. The meal is free. We will look for confirmation ahead of time so we know how many people to prepare for. It is an evening of celebration and fun, and all parents and athletes are encouraged to attend.  This event is held in the spring and is located on the HS Google calendar and shared via email and eNews articles.

    Annual Athletic Awards

    Dragon Heart Award-­ The Dragon Heart Awards are awarded annually to those student athletes who have shown outstanding commitment, effort and enthusiasm towards a team or teams at the school during the year.

    Volunteer of the Year Award-­ The Volunteer of the Year Award may be given out annually to those students who have made an outstanding contribution to SSIS Athletics in the areas of leadership and organization.

    Grade Level Outstanding Athlete Award-­ This award may be given out annually to those student athletes who have excelled in two or more sports during the year. They must show great effort, attitude and ability and be considered outstanding team members.

    Athlete of the Year Award-­ This award may be given out annually to those student athletes who have excelled in two or more sports during the year. They have been selected as the outstanding student athlete in the school this year.

    Block Letter Awards-­ These are given out annually to athletes who accumulate points for participating on athletic teams during their time at SSIS. Each season an athlete can earn a maximum of 20 points. When an athlete has received 80 points, they will earn an SSIS Athletics T-­Shirt, 120 points earns them an SSIS Sweatshirt, and 160 points earns a Banquet Dinner with the other 160-­point athletes.

    Hosting Commitment

    All students who participate on a school team are required to host a visiting player from a team participating in the annual MRISA event we hold here at SSIS. All participating students need to be prepared to host a visitor even if the student does not participate in a MRISA event. Part of the commitment from SSIS to the MRISA Conference is that the school community hosts all visiting players.

    Student Council

    The student government contributes to the students’ improvement of quality of life. Elected students represent and speak on behalf of the student body, organize student activities and are instrumental in advocating for the interests of all students. Student Council is divided into two branches, The Executive Board and the Legislative Council. The Student Council Executive Board consists of a Student Body President, Student Body Vice-­President, Secretary, Treasurer, Senior Class President, Junior Class President, Sophomore Class President, and Freshman Class President. In addition to the Executive Board, two representatives from each grade level from grades 9-­12 form the Legislative Council.

    The purposes of student government are:

    •  To encourage student-­initiated activities and ideas

    •  To represent the overall view of the students and the school as a whole

    •  To ensure students have a meaningful voice at SSIS

    •  To ensure the betterment of the student population

    •  To meet regularly with the school administration

    •  To foster community service in and out of the school environment

    •  To provide a democratic forum for the discussion of ideas

    •  To support dedicated service to Vietnam and to Vietnamese culture

    •  To set up school dances, spirit days and special events

    In mid-­August, students elect class representatives (the Legislative Council) and the remainder of the Student Council Executive Board (which includes the positions of Senior Class president, Junior class president, Sophomore class president, and Freshman class president).  Students in the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer were elected in May of the previous school year. The Student Council program promotes student leadership for all students in a variety of areas.  In addition to maintaining strong academic marks, StuCo representatives must not have any issues of discipline in the “major areas of concern” section highlighted in the student handbook.

    Student Council Elections

    •  Annual elections are held in September and May of each school year by means of a democratic process.

    •  Every candidate is entitled to the right to campaign and to give a speech at the election assembly, prior to election.

    •  Every student may exercise one vote per elected position by secret ballot.

    •  Class representatives are voted for and elected by members of their specific grade level.

    One meeting of the Student Council is held on Friday at lunch each week. Student Council members may meet additionally on an “as-­needed” basis.

    National Honor Society

    The National Honor Society is an organization that is open by application to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors who have attended SSIS for at least one semester, who have attained throughout their high school career a high academic average and who have excelled in the areas of leadership, character and service. Students who have earned a GPA of 3.3 are eligible for membership and will be reviewed by a faculty panel for possible selection.  In addition to grades, NHS candidates and members must not have any issues of discipline in the “major areas of concern” section highlighted in the student handbook.

    NHS members’ GPA and service hours will be reviewed quarterly as per NHS bylaws. Students falling below the minimum criteria will be placed on probation for first offense and are no longer eligible for NHS membership should they not remove themselves from probation after one quarter.

    Dances/Social Event Guidelines

    Most events are for SSIS students only. Relatives or guests from other schools are not to be invited unless the activity is announced as open. Any exceptions must be approved in advance by the principal or assistant principal and a guest pass issued. Requests for a guest pass must be made at least two days in advance of the event and use the Student Council Guest Form. The parent and student host assume full responsibility for the guest and the guest’s behavior. The visiting student may be asked to provide ID information prior to the event.

    •  High school students are not permitted to bring middle school students to dances/social functions.

    •  Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from activities unless otherwise organized by the school.

    •  Students are expected to remain at the dance or event from the beginning until the end. Leaving the venue for any reason without the permission of a chaperone will be handled as a disciplinary infraction upon return to school.





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