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Section 5: Attendance Policies and Related Information

    Research and common sense indicate a high correlation between attendance in school and academic success. In order for a student to receive maximum benefit from his or her education, daily attendance is required. Class discussions, examples and teacher feedback cannot be replaced by home assignments. Absences, for any reason, are disruptive to the educational process and detrimental to student achievement. SSIS asks parents to ensure that their children attend school regularly.

    Additionally, student attendance is recorded on report cards and student transcripts; and as such, students and parents need to be aware that this information is available to prospective universities, summer programs and transfer schools.


    •  To receive full credit for their work, SSIS High School students must be in attendance at least 90% of the 90 school days in each semester. Absences beyond this number (9 absences) shall be subject to academic consequences.

    •  An absence will be considered “excused” with a valid reason (sickness, school-­related activities, family emergency, family business) and a note from a parent.

    •  An absence will be considered “unexcused” when the reason (for example, a family vacation) for the absence is not excused, has not been pre-­approved as excused, or there is no note from a parent.

    •  Students who have an absence lasting longer than 3 days due to illness must provide a doctor’s certificate stating the reason for the absence and verifying that the student is now fit to return to school.

    •  Late arrivals (after 9:00 am) and early departures (before 2:00 pm) will be considered a half-­day of attendance.

    •  Participation in school-­sponsored educational excursions such as field trips, athletic competitions, or student exchanges will not be counted as absences.

    •  We recognize that situations can occur which may warrant special consideration. Leaves of absence for excused absences may be granted and will be considered on a case-­by-­case basis.

    •  ‘Cutting’ school (truancy) or forging a parental note are both serious offenses that will lead to suspension. (Refer to Infraction and Consequence Chart.)

    •  The high school administration is responsible for all determinations made under 

    Excused Absence & Student Work

    Occasionally, illness may result in a student being unexpectedly absent from school for a short period of time. Under such circumstances, students and parents are expected to check PowerSchool and/or the SSIS Learning Portal (Moodle) in order to stay up-­to-­date on class content and assignments. Students are obligated to make up missed work as soon as possible upon return to school. Students will have one day for each day absent to make up the work and receive full credit.

    If a student will be away from school due to an excused absence lasting more than three days, contact the high school principal. Please note, students who must be absent for prolonged periods are responsible for mastering any material missed while away from school. Assigned due dates will remain unchanged. Students are encouraged to complete all work, quizzes and tests prior to their departure.

    Unexcused Absence & Student Work

    The school discourages families from arranging vacations while school is in session. Family vacations are not considered acceptable reasons for absence from classes, and days missed as a result will be considered unexcused absences. Work missed during an unexcused absence may not receive credit. Excessive unexcused absences from class may result in a student being placed on academic probation and may result in the student being withdrawn from the class. Consequences for unexplained absences may vary according to the frequency of the occurrence.

    Absence on the Day of a Test or Examination

    A student who has an “excused” absence on the day of a classroom test will be required to take the test the day he/she returns during his/her free time and when convenient for the teacher. Students who miss quizzes or tests due to an “unexcused absence” will be referred to the high school administration.  Students that have demonstrated a pattern of absences on test days or due dates for major summative projects may be asked to provide a physician’s note in order to make-up assessment or project. 

    Semester Exams

    Students must take semester examinations on the scheduled date. Exams will not be written early or given late to accommodate individual travel plans. Students who are ill and therefore unable to take semester examinations on the scheduled date must provide a doctor’s certificate.

    Early Departure from School

    Occasionally, students may need to leave campus before the end of the day. Students will be permitted to leave only under special circumstances and when written communication has been received from a parent. Students who become ill during the day must receive permission to leave school from the school nurse who will notify parents. Prior to departure the student must report to the high school office to sign-­out. The student will receive an exit slip to show the school guards upon leaving.

    Absence of Parent(s)

    If parents/guardians are going to be absent from Ho Chi Minh City for any amount of time, they are required to notify the high school office in advance (tel. 5413-­0901, ext: 33050) and to provide contact information in case of an emergency. A local guardian name and contact information must also be provided. It is not considered appropriate for students to be left in the care of housekeepers and/or drivers.

    Access to School After Hours

    School buildings are open between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm on school days. Guards will not allow students into building areas during other times unless accompanied by a teacher. Note that as an exception, the Fitness Center is open until 7:00 pm for high school students.  Additionally, the Fitness Center is open from 7:00 am to 11:00 am on Saturdays.

    SSIS sporting facilities are heavily booked for practices and games and therefore are not available for casual use. Any request for use of athletic facilities outside of instructional hours during the school week should be made to the Activities Coordinator. Any activity or “gym night” not already on the school calendar must be approved in advance by the principal and supervised by an SSIS employee.

    Student Guests

    Students may bring an out-­of-­town guest to attend classes for one day only with prior written approval from the administration to teachers (or by their designation, the HS administrative assistant), requested at least one day in advance of a visit by the host student’s parent. Permission will not be given to students living in Ho Chi Minh City or attending other schools within Ho Chi Minh City.

    In some cases, former students may visit for up to two days but this must be approved in advance. A note (or e-­mail) to the high school principal from the host student’s parent or guardian seeking permission is also required at least one day in advance of a visit by the host student’s parent.

    Upon arrival, guests must sign in at the high school office and wear a Visitor’s Pass at all times. Guests are expected to “shadow” their host student unless they have permission otherwise from the administration. Guests of SSIS students are required to adhere to all school rules while on campus. Guests at extracurricular activities such as performances and dances are also obligated to follow all school rules. Guests who do not abide by the above expectations will be asked to leave immediately.

    Absence Notification Procedure

    If a student will be absent:

    1.  A parent should call the high school office, (tel. 5413-­0901, ext: 33050) before 8:00 am to inform us that his/her son or daughter will not be coming to school. If no phone call has been received, the student’s home will be called to confirm the reason for the absence.

    2.  The day following any absence, the student should report to the high school office with a signed and dated note from a parent stating the specific reason for the absence. E-­mailed notes are not acceptable for this purpose, unless they come from the parent’s email address.

    3.  Students are responsible for meeting with their teachers to determine what work needs to be made up. 

    Attendance Guidelines for School-­Related Trips

    While Saigon South International School stresses the importance of classroom instruction, we recognize that valuable learning experiences take place outside the classroom. Thus, opportunities are available for students to take part in school-­related group travel. School-­related group travel is defined as an activity that may take a student off school premises to support instruction or academic programs.

    Students, in consultation with their parents, coaches, and the high school counselor, are responsible for finding a balance between maintaining their academic focus and involvement in activities that will take them away from their regular classes. Students are reminded that they are responsible for checking with teachers (10 school days prior) regarding work and/or assessments to be missed prior to the absence. For some activities or sports that require travel and absence from school, students may be required to have their teachers sign off on a Planned Absence Form that confirms the student’s current academic standing in each of his or her classes.

    Tardy Policy

    •  Tardy for School: Students are expected to be in their first block classes and prepared with all necessary materials no later than 8:00 am each day. Students who arrive at school after 8:00 am must report to the high school office to receive a tardy pass and sign the logbook. Students already at school but entering their first block classes after 8:00 am without a previously-­issued pass from a teacher will also be considered tardy and will be asked to go to the high school office for a tardy pass and to sign the logbook. In all of these cases, the tardiness is recorded in PowerSchool. Upon the third tardy to the first block per semester (and upon each subsequent tardy within that semester), students will receive a one-­hour detention in the high school office on an assigned day after school. (Refer to Infraction and Consequence Chart.)

    •  Tardy for Class: It is the responsibility of all SSIS students to get to class in a prompt, prepared, and punctual manner. Students are expected to be seated in class at the starting time of each class block. Upon tardies to individual classes, students will be referred to the high school office to sign the logbook. On the third class tardy to any of their classes throughout the day, students will receive a lunch detention in the high school office for a period between 2-4 days. (Refer to Infraction and Consequence Chart.)

    Closed Campus

    Saigon South International School has a closed-­campus policy for all grades, K-­12. Any student leaving the campus during the school day (including lunch) must have specific permission and a “dismissal note” from the office. “Campus” is defined as that property (buildings and grounds) that is enclosed within the boundaries of the security fence. In cases of sudden illness at school, the school nurse may authorize a student to leave campus after calling the parent and arranging for transportation.

    Students are not permitted to leave campus during the school day without prior permission. Students must present a written notice, signed and dated from the parent to the high school office or the parent must phone at (5413-­0901, extension 33050). Students must sign out in the high school office.

    A student in violation of the closed campus policy is subject to disciplinary action and parent notification.(Refer to Infraction and Consequence Chart.)


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