SSIS Link Handbook Compendium DA Student Handbooks 03 HS Section 3: Student Support and Safety Information Transportation


    Students have the following options for travel to and from SSIS:

    •  A school bus service is provided by SSIS for an additional fee and dependent upon availability. Interested families should contact Ms. Vy at or 5413-­0901, extension 31281.

         Buses arrive at school between 7:30 a.m. -­7:55 a.m. each day. Afternoon buses depart at approximately 3:10 pm.

    •  Private cars, cars pools or contracted drivers and taxis may drop students off at the school

         loading-­zone in the front of the school. Due to the large volume of traffic and the high number of children in the area, all vehicles are required to drive very slowly and to follow the directions of traffic personnel.

    •  Students in grades 9-­12 may walk or ride bicycles to school. Helmets are required for student bicycle riders to SSIS.

    •  High school students who ride motorcycles to school must register their official Vietnamese driver’s license in the High School office. Students that do not have this official Vietnamese license are not permitted to ride a motorbike to school (whether parked in the SSIS parking lot or elsewhere).

    SSIS Bus Conduct Guidelines: Any student using school transportation is obligated to follow all school rules as well as the rules outlined below. If a student does not follow the directions of the bus driver, exhibits unsafe or inappropriate behavior or acts in violation of school rules, parents will be contacted. A student may be denied bus privileges if continued violation of school rules occurs.

    Specific rules are listed below:

    1. Bus Safety: The safety and well-being of all SSIS students while traveling to and from school is very important. All school rules and guidelines regarding appropriate behavior will apply on all school buses. This includes travel for school field trips and sports exchanges. SSIS students are expected to behave in a manner that promotes a safe and pleasant ride on all school buses. High School students are expected to be particularly good role models for the younger students that may be riding the bus.


    2. Bus Guidelines: Students are to follow the guidelines listed below:

    •  Respect the bus driver and bus supervisor at all times

    •   Be on time. The bus cannot wait for students who are late arriving at the designated pick-­up.

    •   Be seated with seatbelt fastened at all times

    •   Do not use mobile phones on the bus.

    •   Keep windows closed.

    •   Treat bus property with care and respect.

    •   Exit the bus at your stop only; use the front door only to exit.

    •   Use appropriate language; keep voices at a reasonable level.

    •   Refrain from eating food or chewing gum on the bus; drink water only.

    •   Refrain from throwing anything within or out of the bus.

    •   Keep all body parts inside the bus: do not reach or lean out the windows.

    •   Be responsible for personal belongings.


    Consequences:Except in extreme situations, all students will be on a “three-­warning system” before being suspended from using the school bus services. The suspension period will depend on the severity of the incident(s). Parents will be notified when students have been given a second warning. Bus drivers will report all incidents to the bus coordinator who will then refer the student to the high school administration. Should a student fail to come to school during a bus suspension, the absences will be treated as unexcused and the administration will apply consequences. It is the responsibility of the family to provide transportation to school should their child’s bus privileges be revoked.

    Students requesting to ride on a different bus than they are normally assigned must provide a note to the office at the start of the school day. Permission to ride on a different bus will be granted only if extra seats are available.


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