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Safety and School Climate Information


    SSIS provides 24-­hour security service. Parents and other visitors must register at the front gate. Visitors must wear an ID badge visibly and at all times while on campus. For security purposes, visitors must report to the office of the school they are visiting prior to entering any classroom or student area.

    Identification Cards (IDs)

    Student are issued an ID card. This card must be carried with the students at all times when on campus, and is required to enter and exit the campus. Students should immediately report a lost or missing ID to the high school office.

    Public Displays of Affection (PDA)

    Anything much beyond holding hands is considered PDA. Prolonged hugs, kissing, sitting or reclining in compromising positions, or other such actions are unacceptable public displays of affection. These guidelines apply in all areas of the campus and during all times of the school day. Students seen exhibiting public displays of affection beyond hand-­holding will be referred to the administration.

    Food and Gum at School

    We encourage drinking of water at school and provide plentiful, safe drinking water for this purpose. All students should have their own water bottle clearly labelled with their name. Water is allowed in all areas of the school. Other than water, food and drinks may be consumed in classrooms ONLY with teacher permission. Gum is not allowed at school or on school grounds.

    Food Service

    SSIS maintains external contracts for on-­campus food service, which provides a variety of menu choices. Menus are posted on the SSIS website and also in the cafeteria. High school students have the additional option of food and beverage purchases in the kiosk, located on the 2nd floor. Parents wishing to bring lunch to students may drop it off at the HS office. Students may not arrange for restaurant delivery to school.

    Dress Code

    To promote a respectful and neat environment conducive to study, all SSIS students are required to wear the official SSIS uniform. All uniform items are available for purchase from the school store. Non-­uniform days are occasionally organized by the Student Council or Athletic Department to encourage school spirit and camaraderie (e.g. Spirit Weeks, post-­MRISA tournament, Terry Fox, Senior Class Shirt Days). These days must be approved in advance by the high school principal. Students choosing not to participate in the special dress must wear the regular full uniform on these days. The school uniform consists of the following:

    Girls                                                                               Boys

    Light blue polo shirt with SSIS logo                               Light blue polo shirt with SSIS logo

    Navy blue shorts, slacks, or skort                                  Navy blue shorts or slacks

    Dark Blue SSIS sweater (optional)                                Dark Blue SSIS sweater (optional)


    •  Skorts and shorts must be worn at their designed length.

    •  SSIS-issued sweaters are allowed. Non-SSIS sweaters are permitted.

    •  Shirts worn under the polo shirt or dress are to be the SSIS light blue T-­shirt or a white T-­shirt. No other colors are permitted.

    •  Shoes must be neat, safe, and appropriate for the activities of the school day. Flip-­flops and high heels are not considered safe and appropriate footwear.

    •  Non-­uniform items (jewelry, hair accessories, belts, etc.) need to be safe for the various activities engaged in throughout the school day.

    •  Hats are strongly recommended for all outdoor activities.

    •  Hats and head scarves must be removed inside the building unless worn for religious reasons.

    The consequences for violations of the dress code can be found in Appendix 1   

    Dress for Physical Education Classes

    An official SSIS PE top or a team sport/MRISA sporting event shirt, SSIS PE shorts, athletic shoes and socks are mandatory for all PE classes.  SSIS PE shirts and shorts are available at the Student Store. Students MUST change back into their school uniform after PE class at all times (including the last period of the day).

    Physical Education Classes

    Physical education is a valued part of the SSIS program.  All PE students will be issued a PE locker in order to secure their belongings during PE class. This locker may be used for physical education, sports, and after school activities. Students are required to change into their PE uniform for physical education classes and should bring the following items to every class:

    •  Official PE uniform (mandatory)

    •  Socks and appropriate sport shoes

    •  Cap/hat for outdoor activity.

    •  Sunscreen

    •  Towel

    •  Water bottle

    In the interest of personal hygiene and consideration of others, all students are expected to change clothing before and after PE class. Showers are available and encouraged. Students will be given ample time at the end of class to shower and be ready for their next class. Students needing to be excused from Physical Education for medical reasons must bring a note from the parent. Students who are well enough to come to school should change into PE clothes and participate to the best of their ability.

    Student Lockers

    Students in grades 9-­12 will be issued a locker and a combination lock. Students are responsible for the security of their locker and should therefore ensure their combination remains private. During the first week of school, the study hall monitor will record student combinations and forward this information to the office. Lockers should remain locked when not in use.

    Locker guidelines:

    •  Lockers are to be kept clean at all times. Open food or drink are not allowed in lockers.

    •  Lockers are to be kept locked when not in use. At no times should books or personal belongings be stored on top of, or beside, lockers.

    •  Students are strongly discouraged from keeping valuables in their locker.

    •  Students may NOT share lockers.

    •  No writing is allowed on or in the lockers. Treat your locker with respect - it is school property. Students are charged for painting, repair or replacement as necessary.

    •  A school administrator may open any locker at any time. A school administrator and one other staff     member will be present during any locker inspection.

    •  Lockers are to be used for school-­related purposes only.

    Personal Property

    Students are reminded that they are responsible for any personal property that they bring to school. Students should lock any personal belongings in their school or gym locker. The school is not responsible for the loss of property. Keep your valuables locked up!

    Lost Property

    Students who have lost personal items at school are to report the incident to the HS office as soon as possible. Students who find an unclaimed item are asked to turn it into a teacher or the office. Students who have lost items may fill out a “Lost Property” form available from the HS office.

    Found items are stored in the Lost and Found Box in the HS office. Labeled items will be returned to students. Students are encouraged to check for lost items immediately and to notify a school administrator if an item of substantial value is lost. While it is not always possible to locate missing items, rapid response does increase the probability of recovery. SSIS takes no responsibility for lost or unclaimed goods.


    Students are not permittedto use the elevator unless they have received written permission from the nurse or administration.

    Emergency Evacuation Procedures

    Established procedures exist for staff and students to follow in the event of fire, earthquake or unauthorized intrusion. In such circumstances, student safety is of paramount importance. In emergency situations, emergency vehicle access is vital. Parents are therefore asked to keep the school entry areas clear of vehicles at all times. If it is necessary to evacuate our students and staff from the school premises, parents will be notified through the school’s emergency contact procedures including text message, email and/or phone call. Students and staff will be evacuated to a nearby, safe location until arrangements can be made for parents to transport students home.

    Periodically, SSIS conducts evacuation drills to practice safe and efficient evacuation procedures. Students are reminded that evacuation procedures must be conducted in an orderly and quiet manner. Should a crisis ever occur, it is vital that the communication of information be accurate and quickly available. Teachers review procedures and evacuation routes with students at the start of the year and signs indicating the evacuation route for each room are posted in every classroom.

    Emergency Phone Tree

    In the event of an emergency, PowerSchool, SSIS website, eNews and/or SMS messages will be used to convey important information. However, in the event of power or internet outage, students will be contacted by their advisory teacher as part of the SSIS Phone Tree. The phone tree includes all members of the SSIS community and ensures that everyone is contacted with reliable information.


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