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SSIS Language Philosophy and Policy

    Table of contents
    1. 1. Philosophy
    2. 2. Policy
    3. 3. Procedures


    SSIS has a shared vision and desire on the part of the faculty to successfully develop English language proficiency across a high quality academic curriculum, while at the same time promoting the development of each student’s home language and the acquisition of additional languages.

    Saigon South International School (SSIS) is mindful of the power of language and words. As part of our core value of Respect for All, the variety of language backgrounds among our students enriches us as a community. The SSIS community is a resource to foster language learning, and the acceptance of an additional language enriches personal growth, enhances first language development, and promotes diversity.


    At SSIS, staff and students are expected to use English in all classes unless the class involves direct instruction in the acquisition of another language and/or mother tongue class (e.g. IB Korean).

    In order to promote inclusivity across all students, regardless of national or linguistic background, SSIS staff will actively encourage the use of English as the common social language. However, in line with the general belief that diversity in language is a positive element in the school, no language is banned from use during non-­instructional time (e.g. changing classes, recess, lunch).


    Academic Success

    •  SSIS curriculum is based on strong English language proficiency.

    •  All faculty are, to some extent, English language teachers.

    •  Students are expected to use English as their academic language at SSIS.

    English Language Support

    •  The English as an Additional Language (EAL) program supports individual students in English language acquisition.

    •  EAL teachers collaborate with classroom teachers in planning effective English language instruction.

    Host Country Language

    •  Wednesday Vietnamese classes are required for all Vietnamese nationals.

    Resources & Practices

    •  All resources and language of instruction are in English. In all subjects where IB courses are taught, IB approved textbooks are used in addition to other texts.

    •  The EAL Program and Learning Support Program in all three divisions provide support to those students who have a greater need in successfully using the required level of English.


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